Alissa has more than 20 professional recommendations on LinkedIn.

Here are some highlights:

“In my 17 years of professional work experience, I have come across very few people who are both very efficient at their job as well as extremely helpful to people around them – and I am very glad to say that Alissa is one of them! …”

“…A tireless team player, Alissa led the development of multilingual web and print collateral deployment and the evolution of digital and print media while serving as a reliable resource in assessing institutional morale and enthusiasm. Alissa is a skilled marketing communications professional, a person committed to idealized design, and a valuable team member.”

“Alissa is a marketing and social media guru! She has been able to create a marketing presence that extends beyond webpage articles that highlight our efforts in the diversity space…”

“…As a colleague, Alissa is someone who always comes to the table with creative and fresh ideas to engage audiences and promote events. She is a supportive, positive and intelligent colleague whose enthusiasm carries through in each and every project…”

“… She has been the most amazing, fun, talented, supportive and skillful boss to work with…”

“…Her expertise and passion for digital marketing will be a huge asset to any organization…”

“…She made tackling large projects a breeze and her organization was top notch. Any organization would be lucky to have her!”

“It’s rare that you come across an individual like Alissa, with true talent and passion for digital and online marketing… ”

“…As an exceptional manager of our digital components, she was always very enthusiastic about finding new and innovative features to implement on the website and always staying up to date with the latest social trends. Her attention to detail, organizational skills, and multitasking abilities allowed her to effectively manage the bevy of projects being worked on by her team with ease and her understanding of the technical aspects only added to her ability to manage the digital team…”

“…Alissa is a true team player and an asset to any organization. She is someone who can be counted on to step up to new challenges and achieve her goals.”

“…In every organization, you need people like Alissa who’ve got the creativity and skills to get the job done, but also the right attitude to collaborate with others and take on more than may have been expected initially.”

“…Alissa is always extremely pleasant to work with, very intelligent, and goes out of her way to provide whatever assistance is needed…”

“…She is an amazing manager who is a tireless champion for me and the rest of our group. She is truly excited about all the aspects of her website and social media responsibilities and that enthusiasm rubs off on our team…”

“…She was able to maximize our skillset and experience while also getting us to stretch into new functional areas. She gave clear direction and enthusiastic support and it was both rewarding and enjoyable to work under her supervision…”

“…Alissa proved to be one of the most accommodating, innovative, and supportive people I’ve had the pleasure of working with, at the Smith School or elsewhere. She is motivated to do well in her job and also to help lift up others…”

“…Alissa also constantly pursues new ways of doing things – new social media platforms and trends, better channels to convey the school’s messaging, and always more ways to tie our efforts back to our main brand. She is a tireless brand ambassador and her excitement is contagious. She is an absolute asset to any and every team she joins…”

“…Alissa’s analytical skills provided valuable insight into the reach and effectiveness or our digital marketing and communications efforts. She is also an award-winning and passionate social media strategist, who is adept at adopting new technologies and trends…”

“Alissa is one of the brightest, most helpful colleagues with whom I have worked. She shares her expertise with great generosity and has been able to help our organization – the Center for Leadership, Innovation and Change – establish our identity. In addition, she demonstrates leadership qualities that ensure her future success in the marketing arena. I am pleased to recommend her!”

“Since I joined the Marketing Communications team, Alissa has stood out as a go-to person in our department. Her expertise on the web, in social media and writing are evident to everyone around her. Her work has not only been recognized at the Smith School, but also outside organizations, evident when the Smith School won the Business School Twitterer of the Year Award…”

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