COVID-19 Coronavirus Diary – April 7, 2020


Wednesday, April 7, 2020 – Day 25 of Self-Quarantine

It’s funny to think that when the quarantine started it was still cold and dreary and now spring has definitely sprung. My car still has gloves, hats, and an ice scraper sitting in the back seat. The nicer weather and additional hours of sunlight has considerably improved our moods! There’s no need to rush to take the dog for a walk right after work or urgency to finish up yard work on the weekends.

This week would have been spring break for our school system. We were planning to head to a time share in the Poconos where my son was looking forward to going fishing. My sister set up a ‘beach’ in her backyard with sand, sand toys and a plastic swimming pool for her young kids. Making the best of the situation is what we do during COVID-19!



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