COVID-19 Coronavirus Diary – March 22, 2020

Sunday, March 22, 2020 – Day 9 of Self-Quarantine

I saw a post on Facebook from the Virginia Historical Society the other day reminding people that many years from now new generations will look back and study the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and wonder how we as society dealt with it. This will be my first live diary post and I plan to write up and backdate some previous posts.

It’s 3:25 p.m. right now and I just logged onto my laptop to place an order on Amazon for a new bathroom cabinet that I’ve been looking at for a few days. Typically, I try not to go on my laptop over the weekend since I’m working on it all day on it during the workweek.

We just tried out the free delivery from Popeye’s for lunch today. If it was just me, I would probably stick to a can of soup or a sandwich and not risk ordering anything. But the new ads on TV and social media focusing on “free delivery” from all of the fast-food joints are just too enticing for my bored and restless kids. Once the food comes, I get a little frantic trying to wipe off things and urge the kids to wash their hands right before and after eating… And “DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE!”

Yard work continues today and I spent longer than ever pruning the two pear trees in the backyard. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my special care will help produce a great harvest of pears!

As the day passes and I face “Week 2” of remote work, I wonder how much longer we will be in self-quarantine? The number of cases has almost doubled in the past day. Now we’re at 38,757 in the U.S.

I need to head back outside to finish yard work now! Then we will probably take the dog for a walk. Fortunately, we live in a secluded neighborhood where it’s easy to take a walk and not actually have to interact with anyone else. Later today, we’re looking forward to finishing up the Next in Fashion series on Netflix. We can’t wait to see who wins!

Alissa Arford is writing from Ellicott City, Maryland.


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