COVID-19 Coronavirus Diary – March 20, 2020


Friday, March 20, 2020 – Day 7 of Self-Quarantine

Today was the end of our first week of remote work at Accounting Seed. Since our marketing team normally works from home every Wednesday, this was not entirely new for us. But being home every day did have its challenges. Trying to stay positive and upbeat during work conversations while there is so much unknown was tough. How long will we keep doing this? The original plan was only one more week, but I really doubt that’s going to be enough.

One thing that I’ve noticed many people talking about during their remote work time is the “pet factor.” Most of our pets are likely used to spending at least eight hours a day alone in the house resting. Now humans are there 24/7 and disrupting their naps! My dog keeps barking when I’m on calls and my cats are all over me, jumping on the laptop and causing havoc. For me personally, my allergies are not happy with me being in my house 24/7. I’ve been loading up on allergy medicine.

My work squad discussed having a virtual happy hour at 4:30 p.m. today. It was not widely heralded, so we held off. Friday night is not a night when you want to party with your remote work peeps, is it? So we scheduled it officially for EOD Monday. BUT I did see a bunch of my Facebook friends posting about having virtual happy hours. Then I had FOMO. Some friends were talking about joining “Watch” parties to watch programs/movies together.

Right after work, we decided to head outside to do some tree work – it was such a beautiful day! Temps in the 80s. Took down a big one that had fallen into the dog kennel last year.

We ended the day with a family game night! Fluxx, You Gotta Be Kitten Me, and Smart A$$.

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